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Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day

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4/5/05 08:49 pm - vinylluisa

Looking for a like-minded people who truly love music in all its forms?
Check us out.

People with great taste, recommendations, and lots of music-related articles and contributions.

And for those of you with the competitive spirit, monthly contests with prizes.

3/6/05 08:33 pm - brokendiamond

So what's up everyone? Long time no talksee? Right.. 'cos no one ever updates this thing!

-feels all stupid-like and whatnot-

Sooo let's hear it!

I'll start. I just found a band called The Chemical Brothers.. has anyone heard of them? I bought their album Push the Button while I was in a comic book store in the heart of Boston, and it just reeks of sweetness. It's like Orbital except these guys talk/sing/rap and whatever.

Has anyone heard/gotten Orbital's last single?

1/21/05 01:21 am - brokendiamond


Found this, it has some pretty interesting stuff. Phil says some pretty cool stuff that you could use for your userinfo page or just in everyday argument against techno.

Two things:
If you have any friends that like techno, recruit them! They'll learn about Orbital in no time. :)
We need a wallpaper for this community. Or a new layout. If anyone has time, I'll be willing to make a new mod in order for them to make it.

1/20/05 01:40 pm - brokendiamond

Is anyone still paying attention to this community?

If so, say aye!

6/14/04 12:43 am - yevgenyjuiceman

I haven't been keeping up with Orbital...and to hear that they are breaking up is just...depressing


5/23/04 05:05 pm - stargurl

Tickets for Glastonbury are BACK ON SALE:

click here for the official site

This news has made my day, and I purchased one the moment I found out.

5/19/04 03:45 pm - ambivalentape - Blue Album

Okay, the Blue Album has been circulating on various P2P networks for a few weeks now. Who's heard it and what do you think?

My first impressions...Collapse )

5/5/04 02:40 pm - brokendiamond

Hello my lovelies!

Do any of you know where I may be fortunate enough to find and buy Orbital posters online?


5/5/04 02:49 am - spyingthedir

The first time I heard orbital was in the movie Hackers. I immediately fell in infatuation with the first song of the movie, Halcyon and on and on. I was 8 at the time and later that summer (or perhaps the next) I was in Minneapolis and heard some guy blasting the song in his car, very loudly. When he got out I asked him who that band was and ever since my collection has grown. I've seen them twice, once in Chicago, on the forth of July, 1999. I was twelve at the time up to that point, I'd never been as happy. I was truly obsessed. It was an 18+ show so I'd gone with my dad in hopes to get in because I was with him. After a security guard told us "I guarantee you, that you are not getting into this show!" I panicked and began crying. I feel a little embarrassed looking back at that, but hell- it was Orbital! We finally got the manager of the venue to let us in, and it was the second best show I've ever been to. The Crystal Method opened and did a fantastic job. Orbital had huge video projectors with great images/films that went along perfectly with their songs. Especially Satan, which is one of the best songs to see/hear live. The second time I'd seen them, I was surprised and delighted beyond anything when I found out that on their relatively small 19-date US-tour, they were coming to my city, Milwaukee (Wisconsin). The crowd was like nothing I'd ever seen before or to this date. Their energy and enthusiasm was perpetuating everyone's great moods. Before they went on- I'd gone with my dad again- my father and I parted ways for half an hour, and the next time I saw him he had this huge grin on his face. "I just hung out with Orbital." I actually grabbed him by the throat in a wrath of fury and jealousy. "Don't worry, they want to meet you- we can talk to them after the show." So, after the greatest performance of any kind that I've ever seen, I got to talk to The Hartnoll brothers for 2 hours in a very small, very happy group. My favorite song must be Halcyon and On and On, and there's too many more that stand out, just none that come to mind when trying to pick from their entire catalog. I'm really anticipating the blue album, and I think a lot more of their heart has gone into it from the sounds of it. I think they've had a good run and I won't be too disappointed with their breaking up, as long as they do one last US tour.

4/6/04 03:55 pm - yevgenyjuiceman

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